Upcoming Film Night: Healthy Marin Watersheds and Creeks


July 25th 6:30-8pm

Across our nation, a watershed approach to protecting our creeks is occurring, bringing back to life the riparian ecosystem and the iconic and keystone species that live there. When we restore our watersheds we give clean water, biodiversity, recreation, beauty, food and enjoyment to future generations. Join Guest Speakers, Laura Chariton and Laurette Rogers as we find out ways we can all be part of the solution to restored watersheds and creeks.

We will view A Simple Question: an inspiring film that chronicles students’ efforts to save an endangered species. Laurette Rogers is an extraordinary 4th grade teacher who helped her students answer the question “what can we do to save endangered species?” Partnering with ranchers, scientists, and government agencies, this remarkable service learning project has led to the restoration of 26 miles of riparian habitat for the endangered CA freshwater shrimp. In the process, it catalyzed significant educational innovations by connecting kids with nature and classrooms with community. The STRAW Project, a program of Point Blue Conservation Science, serves as testimony to the importance of empowering children to transform their world, which in turn, transforms us all.

Following this film, we will have a power-point presentation by Laura Chariton, an exemplary watershed specialist and founder of Watershed Alliance of Marin, on how finite and precious fresh water is. She will explore what we can do to restore creeks and watersheds for future generations and the species that rely on them. It starts with a simple question. What happens next is up to you.

Suggested donation $7.00


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